Petri Laarne

Contact details:


I am interested in stochastic analysis: partial differential equations with a dash of randomness. Generally speaking, I like when stuff has a random component in it. My research is on nonlinear wave equations, Euclidean quantum field theories, and stochastic quantization.

For a good* introduction to my research topic, I suggest looking at my MSc thesis Periodic nonlinear Schrödinger equation (2021).

As part of my civilian service, I worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research at University of Helsinki. My research was on statistical methods to explore many-variable data sets.

*This might be a biased statement.


Preprints as of 17 March 2024:
  • Barashkov and Laarne: Invariance of φ4 measure under nonlinear wave and Schrödinger equations on the plane (arXiv).
Atmospheric data analysis papers from my civilian service:
  • Laarne, Amnell, Zaidan, Mikkonen, Nieminen: Exploring Non-Linear Dependencies in Atmospheric Data with Mutual Information (2022, Atmosphere, MDPI)
  • Laarne, Zaidan, Nieminen: ennemi: Non-linear correlation detection with mutual information (2021, SoftwareX, Elsevier)



At University of Helsinki:

Previously as a teaching assistant:
  • Todennäköisyyslaskenta II (2023), development of STACK exercises.
  • Todennäköisyyslaskenta II (2022), weekly guidance sessions.
  • Lukiomatematiikan kertaus (2021), development of self-study STACK exercises.
  • Todennäköisyyslaskenta II (2019), weekly exercise sessions.

I may be available for BSc thesis supervision (analysis and probability in broad sense) at University of Helsinki.